About the Homeschool Planner Guide

In the pages of this guide, I will discuss the basic homeschool planner types and which of my printable forms each planner type might use. From this guide, I hope that you will gather enough information to assemble a homeschool planner that works for you because a planner is not good unless it works for you.

You should think about what might best suit you and if you are not sure, choose one of the four basic planner types this year and by next year, you will know more about how you manage your homeschool days and what sort of forms to place in your planner.

The Basic Types of Homeschool Planner Books

The links below go to the four basic types of Home School Planner Books. I must tell you that I am not proposing that each planner type is carved in stone; planner types can mix. I would rather you take ideas from these lesson planner types to create a home school planner book that you find encouraging to use.

Weekly Homeschool Planner

dashed 2-page lesson planner

Focus - Having weekly lesson plans in all subjects written in a weekly planner form each week.

Subject Homeschool Planner


Focus - Planning ahead of time for each subject, as much as the entire year. Lessons are checked off as they are completed.

Journal Planner

penFocus - Keeping a daily or weekly record of your children's homeschool activities and work in more of a prose style.

Timer/Daily Planner

clock by Donna YoungFocus - Making a daily schedule of lesson plans that are laid out either in order, not in order, or in chunks of time.

Household Planner Forms

householdI didn't cover adding household forms in the articles linked above, but if you need to add household forms to your homeschool planner, I encourage you to do so. If you haven't found my household forms, they begin at Household Planners at DonnaYoung.org. Not only do I have an entire section of household planner printable files, two of my homeschool planner sets include household forms.
Colonial Planner for Household and Homeschool

Papyrus Planner for Homeschool and Household (more popular)

Dated Block Household Planner

Despite the hoopla of me making matching homeschool planners, THIS calendar, pictured above or left, is The Most Favorite Household Notebook Calendar. This calendar may be printed from Dated Block Household Planner. In the navigation menu this calendar is found at: Household > Full-Sized Planners > Block-Monthly.

Essential Homeschool Planner Forms

essential, you decideIn the article Essential Homeschool Planner Forms I have described some of the homeschool forms that seemed essential to me. However, what is essential for a homeschool planner is relative and you will decide what is essential for your planner.

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