Highschool Diploma Forms

Congratulations to all of the graduating homeschoolers! As usual I am going to offer downloadable diploma forms and files that can be used for homeschool graduation ceremonies. The diplomas come in three formats this year: PDF, doc, and rtf. The doc and rtf formats can be opened in a word processor (Microsoft Word and others) and altered/customized for your graduate.

2012 High School Diploma

Despite this diploma being named after a year, it is an undated diploma - you enter the date.

The 2012 diploma is a typeable pdf. Fill in the student's name, the school's name and, if applicable, signature titles (such as administrator or instructor). The font used should render properly.

Any of the fields can be left blank. The date and signatures are to be written by hand.

high school diploma
DY's 2012 High School Diploma

-&- two choices that do not include the border
1 Inch Margin | 1.2 Inch Margin (approx. 1 3/16")

Typeable PDF's are meant to be typed on and then printed. You cannot save what you type unless you have Adobe Acrobat (reader is not the same as Acrobat.) So - type and print. If you like how it looks, print it on nice paper.

Donna Young, March 27, 2013
------------------- END -------------------

I mention this every year and here it is again:.... The fonts that you have on your computer will affect how the diploma looks. When you open one of the diplomas in your word processor, change the font if you need to because it is likely that the fonts that I used when making the diplomas will not be on your computer. If you do not have any suitable fonts, search the internet for some. There are still some font sites that do not charge. I don't know how long these links will be active, but here are the three that are used in the diplomas (in red):
Note: 2008, Most of the font links are dead and removed.

Missing: SnellBT
This web page has an Old English Font
Missing: Charlesworth
Missing: Felix Tilting

The Older Homeschool High School Diplomas

diploma pdf

The image shows the typeable PDF. Click on it to see the parts that you can type over.
First the Typeable PDF:

The typeable pdf may or may not be compatible, see this blog entry: http://donnayoung.org/blog/dy-updates/diploma-time

Next the DOC formats:
doc02.doc - High School, worded to add school name and your state
doc03.doc - High School, worded to add school name

Last the RTF formats:
rtf02.rtf - High School, add school name and your state
rtf03.rtf - High School, worded to add school name


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