The Basic High School Transcript

This page offers a simple transcript file to get you started. My basic transcript is just that - basic. You might prefer to design your own. If you do, be sure to include these items.
>Name of student, homeschool name, address, and phone number.
>List courses -by year- such as English 1, Algebra, Biology, etc..
>Dual enrollment/honors [if applicable]
>Grades (either letter or numeric) List semester grades and end of year totals
>GPA [grade point average]
>Credits, list per semester and cumulative
>Grade Scale
>PSAT/SAT scores and/or ACT scores as well as any state proficiency exams [if any]
>Graduation date
>Parent signature and dated

In addition to the basic grades and credits, the transcript can also include these items.
>Course descriptions
>Extracurricular activities
>Areas of your child's interests and where that he led him - accomplishments, awards, leadership, travel

Making the Transcript

Start a transcript when your child is in the 9th grade and be certain to keep a back-up copy. At the end of each year update the transcript and print a hard copy for your files. Make a back-up copy of the file as well. Keep on top of extracurricular activities and achievements.

Starting in high school, you will use course titles. Gone are the terms spelling, vocabulary, and science. Now you must use course titles such as English I, Biology, Algebra, Economics, and so forth.

Transcript Sample Files

>High School Transcript
The web page linked above is an example if a basic transcript. Open your word processor and design a file after it. Your file does not have to match my sample. The transcript must be typed.

DOC and RTF version of sample transcript dco or rtf DOC | RTF
Replace the content with your student's information. Alter the table structure as needed.

Donated Transcripts

Maine High School Transcript donated by the Oakes Family dco or rtf DOC | RTF

Transcript donated by Brzowski family dco or rtf DOC | RTF


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