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About Lists

Printables: This area, Lists, contains forms that you can use to note your homeschool related lists. The list pages includes:

  • Book Lists has reading list forms, library book forms, chapter books forms, and forms to record books, issues, and videos that children have seen or read for educational purposes.
  • Goals and Objectives can be used to record what qualities or educational areas that your children need to work toward.
  • Book Key is a single form page that describes how to use the book key.
  • Checklist I is a single form page that describes how to use the checklist.
  • Checklist II is another version of the Checklist and offers a spreadsheet format.
  • Curriculum offers Curriculum Shopping planners: The Curriculum Fair Battle Plan and the less detailed Curriculum Planner.

Latest in Lists

Checklist II

Checklist II is a different version of the checklist that I designed a few years ago to make using a subject planner easier. The new checklist is oriented differently — subjects are listed across the top instead of down the side the side. The checklist II is available in pdf PDF and excel XLS.

December 05, 2007 | Checklist II »

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