Homeschooling High School

In Homeschooling High School, I will go over the basic steps of planning high school for homeschoolers. While high school at home is not without its challenges, planning high school is not that bad. Do your research, follow the steps.

At some point during the seventh or the eighth grades, you might find yourself thinking more often about high school than you had in the past. Some old homeschooling doubts might surface during these times. I've been told by several homeschoolers that merely the thought of homeschooling through high school made them nervous. I felt nervous about it too. This section is written for those who decide to continue homeschooling through high school.

The steps to preparing to homeschool high school are concrete and if you concentrate on them, then you should be fine. I have introduced some of the steps in the Homeschool Planner section of this web site and here I will go over them again, but as a list.

First Steps To Prepare to Homeschool through High School

  1. Find out the high school graduation requirements for your state.
  2. Discuss with your child possible subjects of interest.
  3. Fill in the Course Checklist and create a course of study for grades 9-12.
  4. Decide the curriculum for at least the first year.
  5. Make plans for the first year.

This takes care of the first year of planning.

Planning the Subsequent Years

  1. Refer to the checklist and the course of study to insure that your child will meet required subjects and credits.
  2. Choose curriculum
  3. Make plans
  4. Keep records updated

If your child will enter college the year following graduation, please see the college timeline.

The lists above do not include everything you could or should be doing, please see Lists: Prepare to Homeschool High School

Donna Young
January 16, 2009

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