How to Use the Curriculum Key

The curriculum key is to be used with the lesson planner sheets. Its sole purpose is to make note of the books that you will be using and assigning the books a key. The keys are used when you make lesson plans from the books. This is handy because you will not have to repeatedly write the names of the books in your lesson plans. Make keys that will be easy to remember so you will not have to always look at your key sheet. It is not always necessary to assign a key to certain books. If the daily planner is going to be used for one child only, and that child will be using only Saxon for math (for example), then it is not necessary to make a key for that book.

If you have several children and you are using the keys, I suggest that you print a curriculum key for each child.

Curriculum Key Printout

pdf Curriculum Key

Image showing the names of the books and their key

Image of a weekly planner--- assignments made using keys.

See Also: The Colonial Homeschool Planner set includes a Book Key.

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