insert an image into the word filesThe Column Planners

So I was innocently sitting around one day when an idea hit me and the Column Planners were born. The Column Planners have columns of boxes and some have a column of ruled lines while others do not. The Column Planners are sorted by the amount of columns of blocks they have. For instance the one-column planner has one column of blocks and maybe a column of ruled lines or not. Pictured below to the right are a couple of examples of One-Column Planners and Two-Column Planners.

One-Column Planners

Two-Column Planners

One use that seems to be requested a lot is a Daily Homeschool Planner form. I have daily planner forms, but if they do not fit the ticket, the Column Planners could offer a solution for your daily planner needs. Any of the column planners are mix and match, which just means that you can have something pretty close to what you need.

I have included the DOCdocformat of the Column Planners, which is crazy nice of me, as well as the usual PDFpdf.

About the 3 doc format: Depending on the browser that you use, clicking on the doc links might load the file in your browser instead of your word processor. The files are editable, but all of the tools are generally not accessible. It is better to download the doc files that you wish to use to your hard drive and edit them from there.

What if you have no program that opens a DOC and you desperately want to use the doc's? Download a free office suite from either or And then what? Save the doc's that you want to use to your hard drive, open the office suite, and from the file menu, open the doc file from your hard drive that you want to edit.

insert an image into the word filesAdding Images to the DOC Files: On the bottom of the Homeschool Planners with One Column page, you can read a little about adding images to the word document files. I placed images into two of the files and linked them as example files. The instructions on how to do this are listed, but there are no screen shots. Some of my other pages that show in more detail how to add images to doc files are linked under the instrutions.

Donna Young, June 23, 2009
updated October 31, 2010


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