Ad Libs are quite fun and the whole family can be involved. To play, print an Ad Libs sheet and look at the required number of words such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. These words are the parts of speech. Ask your family members to supply you with the words... the nouns, verbs, etc. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate part of speech and when all of the blanks are filled read the writing selection to the family. The original writing selection is also supplied.

Another way to play is to ask family members to write nouns on slips of paper and put them in a "noun box". Do the same with the verbs and other parts of speech. After more than enough words have been supplied, have family members take turns drawing a word from one of the boxes as you ask for a certain part of speech. Fill in the appropriate blank after each word is drawn from the box. After all the blanks have been filled read the writing selection or have another person read it. If you want to keep up with who wrote which word, have each family member write their words on different colored paper.

Below are the AD-Libs print-outs that I have available.

Sewing Manual
Office 97 Book A Christmas Carol

mad libsThis is a link to a book at amazon. It's a large collection of ad-libs (Mad Libs).

Best of Mad Libs

by Roger Price and Leonard Stern

Your local bookstore may carry Ad-Lib books. Sometimes they can be found in the children's section of the store.

More at Amazon
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