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My current research resources are for the younger group and involves the earliest beginnings in learning how to use a dictionary. Once a child knows how to look up words, then worksheets are no longer needed, just practical usage of the skill.

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Alphabetical Order

abc order worksheetsAlphabetical Order, Early Dictionary Skills
This is a small group of worksheets that help a child practice alphabetical order of letters.

Sorting Carts and Lessons

Lessons in Alphabetizing Words - The lessons on this page uses or can use the sorting cards that are on the Sorting Cards page.

Sorting Cards for Alphabetizing Words
This page has several activities, many use printable files that are provided that help a child practice alphabetizing words to a certain numbers of letters.

Guide Words

guide wordsABC Order -- Guide words and the Dictionary

When introducing a dictionary or any other sort of "lookup" book for the first time, it is very important to teach your child about guide words.

  • What they are
  • Why they are important
  • How to use them.

Dewey Decimal

Dewey Decimal Classification - A table of the Dewey decimal numbers and terms.

How to Make Outlines for Writing - takes you into the composition section of donnayoung.org. This page introduces concepts behind outlines, which is organizing similar things and that helps a child experience and start gaining an understanding of the concept.

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