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The purpose of this class is stated on the Drawing 1a home page: Purpose of Drawing Ia.

Read these comments before starting this drawing class

  1. Before starting this class, have the students draw a self portrait. Supply them with a recent photo or let them look at a digital photo on the computer or a print out of the photo. Keep the self portrait and photograph in a file or portfolio. After doing these lessons for 6-8 weeks, have them redraw the same photograph. Bring out the initial picture that they drew at the beginning of the class and compare the new one to the old one to see what progress has been made.
  2. Your student does not have to work through all of these sheets to be considered finished with this phase of drawing. You can skip through some the lessons as the student progresses. Upkeep: I had my children do a few every year just to brush up on this particular drawing skill.
  3. Be sure to visit the Evaluated Work pages to see evaluated work and comments.

The age level of the children using the worksheets on this page is around 8 years old and up. See the link below to print worksheets designed for younger children.

Larger Format for Younger Children

  Lesson Format

Drawing Ia - Lesson FormatThe drawing practice sheets below have the same images as the others except these have a different layout.

There are 5 lessons per sheet. Each day the student is to draw the same image 3 times. The practice exercises should not take long, depending on the student's interest they can take from 5 to 10 minutes. The lessons can be considered warm up exercises for other art activities or for handwriting practice.

The practice sheets are listed in order of difficulty. They are all in pdf format.

L01 L06 L11 L16 L21 L26 L31
L02 L07 L12 L17 L22 L27 L32
L03 L08 L13 L18 L23 L28 L33
L04 L09 L14 L19 L24 L29  
L05 L10 L15 L20 L25 L30 Blank

Mirror Images

M01 M06 M11 M16
M02 M07 M12 M17
M03 M08 M13 M18
M04 M09 M14 M19
M05 M10 M15 Mirror Blank
File donated by Sarah Nees

 Old Format

The old format worksheets are my earliest versions. The lesson format worksheets were created from these.

Blank Squares
3 x 4
4 x 5

Mirror Image

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