Using Free Fonts for Handwriting Practice

I am occasionally asked about the handwriting worksheets that I offer at The most common questions are:

The answers are below.

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How did I make the worksheets?

I made most of the handwriting worksheets with Paint Shop Pro 6, which is an old program by now and no longer available. Big Cursive was made with a word processor. If you want to make worksheets with a word processor see these two articles at Homemade Manuscript Handwriting Lessons and Homemade Cursive Handwriting Lessons


What font did I use?

I used Print Clearly, Precursive, Learning Curve (the old one that is not shown here), and SchoolScriptdashed. On each font page, I will link the font related handwriting worksheets. If there are no pages listed, then I did not use that font to make worksheets for


Where can I download the font?

This question prompted me to provide the information here. The links to fonts are provided on the font pages that I have added. Links sometimes get broken. If one of the font links becomes broken, please use a search engine using the font name to locate the link. You may also notify me of the broken link so that I can fix it.



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Homemade Cursive Handwriting Lessons

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