Donna Young's Cursive Handwriting Lessons - Cursive Z

I made these cursive handwriting practice sheets with the letter style shown in the images below.

The Uppercase Letters
Cursive Z

The Lowercase Letters
Cursive Z

The worksheets are in two groups - "All Tracing" and "Less Tracing". The Ongoing worksheets that I add once in a while to this page have, more or less, one line of tracing and one line of no tracing, .

On the "All Tracing" sheets, the words and letters are "faded" so that your children can trace them.

The "Less Tracing" sheets will have blank spaces for your children to write the words on their own.

pdfAll Tracing pdfLess Tracing
vowels+ or
Aa and Cc
ou and Kk
Rr and Dd
Qq and Ii
Jj and Oo
Gg and Ss
Ee and Ll
Ii and Ss
Ff and Tt
Uu and Yy
Ww and Vv
Mm and Nn
Bb and Pp
Xx and Zz
Hh and words

color paperBlank Sheets, each with 2 parts for further practice:
pdfColor [pictured right]

See Paper for more choices in blank handwriting paper.

I have two penmanship worksheets featuring the letters A & D. The worksheets have the same blue and pink lined background and two-lessons per sheet format. Below are the completed worksheets.


pdfcursive a handwriting worksheetAa

Two lessons
The Aa worksheet has several connecting lower case letter cursive drills in the second lesson [not pictured here].

pdfcursive Dd handwriting worksheetDd

Two lessons
Dd features capital D with mid-drop and lowest drop to connect to letters.

Cursive Handwriting Warm-Up

cursive warmupThere are 3 warm-up printables, each one has two sections. They are not meant to "go with" any particular cursive style, they are just warm-ups. One | Two | Three
Note, One and Two are the same except that sheet two has more "try on your own" space.

More Sets in the Style "Cursive Z"

See pages:Donna's Cursive AnimationsConnecting Cursive Capitals and Practice Writing Words in Cursive Handwriting. The cursive animations that begin on this page Donna Young's Cursive Animations are also "Cursive Z."

How I Made the Worksheets

I have been asked quite a few times over the years, "How did I make the handwriting sheets." I made the cursive worksheets on this page with a font and a drawing program. The letters in the font, while cursive, did not join and so when I placed a letter in the drawing program, I altered it to join with the next letter. Each worksheet took about an hour to make.

See Also

ZB Cursive
ZB Cursive is a new set as of 2011. Currently it is a small set with 52 lessons. The handwriting style used in the ZB Sets resemble Zaner-Bloser.

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