Play Money, Place Value Money, Blank Checks, Unit Money

Play money can be purchased at grocery stores, big box stores, and other types, but if you can't find any or would rather print play money, then you may print play money from this web page.

play moneyFull size Play Money

Print on colored paper to make sorting easier. You can print these on both sides if you wish, (the president's head will be on both sides). Trim around each bill leaving an 1/8 inch or more margin. 4 bills to a sheet.

pdf100 - Hundreds
pdf50- Fifties
pdf20 - Twenties
pdf10- Tens
pdf5 - Fives
pdf 1 - Ones

*To cut out the sheets that are printed on both sides... Turn the sheet upside down and trim the right edge. Always have the sheet upside down when trimming the edges! This is because the bills aren't exactly centered on the paper. To be certain, hold the sheet up to the light before trimming.

Pay Day Dollars and Fake Blank Checks

allowance stand-in fake money

Pay Day Unit Dollars 
8 on each sheet
Like allowance, but worse! Fill in dollar value and sign.

learn how to write a check

Play BIG Blank Checks
3 on each sheet
Teach your children how the old people paid for things.

Place Value Money - or use as Replacement Game Money

place value money or replacement game money - onesmillion play money dollars

This play money is very simple. I designed it mainly for use as a place value teaching aid, however; the bills can also be used as board game money.

  1. The bills are approximately 1 1/4" by 2 1/2".There are 24 bills on each print-out sheet.
  2. I strongly recommend printing each value on differently colored paper for easier sorting.

Million's | Hundred Thousand's | Ten Thousand's | Thousand's | Hundred's | Ten's | One's

The others to print if you want to use these for play money:

Five Hundred Thousand's | Fifty Thousand's | Five Thousand's | Five Hundred's | Fifty's | Twenty's | Five's | Two's

Play Money

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