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Printable Journal Pages

The plain journals are you can see from looking at the images below are ruled paper. Some are divided into columns.

Ruled, Various Columns


Basic ruled paper

Ruled with two columns - uneven

This ruled paper has two columns. The left column is more narrow than the right column.

Ruled with two columns - even

This ruled paper has two even columns.

Ruled with three columns

Three ruled columns


This file doesn't fit in this category and will be moved once I set up a new place for children's journals. For now, it is here.

Child's Excel Journaling Form

Trish Henkel's Child's Excel Journaling Form
To use:
SAVE the file to your computer.
Child's Discovery Journal - 1.37 MB (spreadsheet - xls format)
Trish's description of the file and how to use it:
"I created a journaling form in excel for my kids to use. It is a weekly page where they can track the positives. Each day of the week has a short entry for "What I did today." There are twelve blocks to note important things they've learned, events, problems they've solved, books they've read, and more. Each little box area includes a color picture. There is a place to have them note the most meaningful thing they've done for the week. A few of the pages in the excel workbook include some cover choices."

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