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The course of study is a list of subjects that the student is studying along with a list the curriculum that is being used. Not all books must be listed, you should list the main books. As the year moves on, you may list additional books if you wish. In some cases, the course of study has, along with the subjects, a list of objectives and possibly the materials. The course of study forms on this page are for the first type of course of study listed: A list of subjects and the accompanying books and materials.

text fileTypeable PDF
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doc or rtfDOC or RTF

Terms of Use Addendum

doc text fileThis page contains doc, rtf, and typeable files. You may save them to your computer and alter them for your personal use as long as you agree to the terms of use.

Course of Study Forms:

Course of Study Form

PDF fileCourse of Study with List
DOC fileCos List doc
RTF fileCos List rtf

This course of study form has space for 10 classes. With the doc and rtf formats, additional rows may be added to the table to support more classes. The ruled area at the bottom of the form could be used to list additional books, such as a reading list.


Typeable PDF Course of Study Form

Course of Study Form

text fileCourse of Study [*how] Every space typeable, read caution below
Type-able PDF [Blogged]

PDF fileLabeled Course of Study This form is like the one above, except that it is a standard pdf file and it is labeled to include the subjects of Math, English, Science, and Social Studies. There are two unlabeled spaces.
DOC fileCos doc
RTF fileCos rtf

* text file Online editing of the typeable pdf Might Be limited, which basically means that if the pdf's are giving you trouble, try the following: Save the typeable file to your computer and type in the file from there.

important informationAdobe READER will not save what you type! text file The typeable pdf's are meant to be printed. Do not consider using the typeable pdf's as a running document UNLESS you have Adobe Acrobat.

Plan List - A Row Planner

The Plan-List Planner Form

pdfPlan List A journal type of planner. This planner has a large square at the top with a list along side the square and the bottom portion of the page has 5 rows for planning the 5 days of the week.

DY: The Plan List file is not an official course of study layout, but don't let that stop you from using it as one; there are some who do.
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