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To order through PayPal see the information below. The YoungMinds CD is shipped either first class or priority mail from Tennessee. The PayPal buttons are set up based on shipping preferences.

Shipped to USA addresses onlyYoungMinds CD-ROM is shipped only to addresses in the United States of America.

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YoungMinds CD-ROM

The YoungMinds website on CD-ROM is one big website that looks like this one [] with the same familiar navigation.

YoungMinds being a site-cd indicates that it is a copy of and that is what it is with some exceptions. The exceptions are listed below.

  1. No videos - YoungMinds CD-ROM does not have room for them.
  2. YoungMinds CD-ROM has calendars up to the year 2025, in most cases.
  3. YoungMinds CD-ROM has additional DOC files.
  4. YoungMinds CD-ROM has additional XLS files.
  5. YoungMinds CD-ROM has the V Planner (an XLS file) and, with login, access to future versions. Help files and Videos for the V Planner are online and not on the CD-Rom.
  6. Some of the sections at YoungMinds CD-ROM has more content. Math, for example, has several extra pages of worksheets.
  7. YoungMinds website on the CD-Rom is not the same as the  YoungMinds subscription website.

All that you need to use YoungMinds on CD-ROM is a computer and a web browser (pre installed on most modern computers). An online connection is only required to follow external links.

pdfLike, a PDF reader is required to open the PDF files. docSome files on the cd require a word processor that can open DOC, DOCX, or RTF files. xlsXLS and XLSX files require a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel. I do not provide software.

V Planner seems to require Microsoft Excel; let's just say that it does to be safe. According to those who have tested it, V Planner will not work with Numbers.

Donna Young, April 5, 2012
CD-ROM was last updated March 201r

Latest Version: April 13, 2015. V Planner now includes a Google Calendar Add On which allows you to import lesson plans to google calendar. Download from the Member's area. requires login

YoungMinds Reviewed at EHO [review of 2011 version]
YoungMinds Reviewed at EHO [review of 2009 version]

Returning Customers

If you have an old version of YoungMinds CD-ROM, a special price is available for Returning Customers. Just contact me with your old ordering info (name, address) and I will send you the link to the special price ordering page. If the contact form is closed, as it often is, contact me using the email address that is on the cd-rom. The newer CD-ROM have a form from which you can contact me 24/7.

I have purchased your two previous YoungMinds cd versions. You have been the best source of helping me to organize my homeschool planners and portfolios. I have so many other resources but yours works the best for me. I can easily adapt, pick & choose what works for us. I am interested in the YM's CD 2009. What is it for returning customers? Thank you,again for your website and resources. You have taught me much. :)

A. Johnson

A Sampling of the Site-CD -

Homeschool Planners - 6

March 2012 - Homeschool Planner
This page is just "6". The planners that I am going to link on this page will have 6 divisions in either direction. Three more new pages in this group are: 5x9 Grid Lesson Planners | Mixed Type Planners | Specialty Planners

Basic Driving Skills Checklist

March 2012 - High School
checklistThe information on this page is for those who want to (and can) teach their children to drive. I was able to do this and I am sharing the checklist booklet that I used.


March 2012 - Homeschool Planner
You will find a few kindergarten diplomas, promotion certificates, diplomas, clip art, and docs. All of the files are either new or remade.

Paper with 9mm Rule

February 2012 - In Handwriting
Over 100 files to choose from, each one has a small image. I spent a few hours on this set one day. The links to the files are grouped by themes.


February 2012
I had to redo the entire science section for the 2012 CD-ROM. Just go there when you have a few minutes and look around. Some of the pages: The Human Body | Grow a Butterfly | Keeping a Garden.

A Dated Six Column Yearly Planner

January 2012 - Homeschool Planner
This is a dated 6-column ruled planner that is very plain and starts in July. It's not just one page, it is the whole year. There are no subject divisions and I did that on purpose so you can use the columns as needed.

Counting and Adding

January 2012 - Math
Count and Add has a dominos theme with dots to count when adding and with dominos at the bottom of the worksheet. I didn't make many worksheets, however; I made a set of dominos and templates, read more at the page. Counting and Adding

Paperless Drills

January 2012 - Math
The paperless drills have been on the cd-rom for years, but if you are new to the cd-rom, then the drills will be new to you. The drills are simple, if the child picks the wrong answer, then he goes back to try again.

Opening the CD-Rom- Windows PC

Screen-shot of the Home Page

It looks nearly identical to Click on the image for a better view. Below the home page image are 3 more screen shots.

home page
6-column plannersciencecursive


What this product is:
The YoungMinds CD-ROM is a large web site on a cd-rom.

What this product is not:
YoungMinds is not a link-farm of internet resources but it does contain some internet links. It is not a computer program. It is not a complete curriculum, however you may not need to buy some things such as handwriting worksheets. It is not software that is installed, nor will it load automatically. see instructions This product is not professionally produced or outsourced. I, Donna Young, do all of the work on the CD-ROM and

Is it compatible with...
I have at home, Windows 98, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 and the CD should work with all versions of Windows from 95 and up, including Windows 7.
It has been tested successfully by a third party on a G4 Power Book Macintosh running the OS X system; however, it does not always work on a Mac. I've heard from one customer whose Mac would not run the CD.
If, after you receive your CD-ROM, you find that it will not operate on your computer, please contact Donna immediately.

I don't live in the United States, can I buy your CD-ROM?
I apologize for not shipping outside of the USA, but no, I do not ship the cd-rom outside of the USA.

Some files will require that you have a certain program:
I can not guarantee that all of the files on the CD-ROM will open for you. Some files require Microsoft Word or a compatible word processor and some files require that JavaScript is enabled.  However, if you can open the Word files from this site, then you should be able to open most or all of the doc or rtf files on YoungMinds. XLS files requires Microsoft Excel or a compatible spread sheet program. V Planner requires Microsoft Excel.

Purchasing this cd-rom grants you a single license to use the contents of the cd-rom for your personal use, for your students, for your at-home family, and for home education. Purchasing the CD-ROM does not give you ownership of the contents.
See License for more details.

School Teachers:
If you have a computer in your classroom that you and your students use, then you may use this CD-ROM on your classroom computer as well as your home computer. You may not share the cd-rom or the contents of the cd-rom with another teacher or students that are not your own.

How to Start the CD-ROM:
NOTE: The CD-ROM does not have an auto-run feature. See Below

Win 9X:
Method 1) Insert the CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive. Go to My Computer or go to the screen that shows your computer's drives. WAIT for the CD-ROM-drive to finish loading. It may take longer to load than a commercial CD-ROM. Right-click the CD-ROM drive icon and choose Open or Explore. Choose the file named index.htm or any of the page files to start.

Method 2) Insert the CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive. WAIT for the CD-ROM-drive to finish loading. Open your Internet browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape, etc.). Choose to work off-line if asked. Choose- File > Open. Browse your computer for your CD-ROM-drive. Choose the file named index.htm or any of the page files and choose Open.

Windows XP and UP will search for an auto play program. Once it is finished, choose the option to "Open folder to view files" and open index.htm or any of the page files.

The image below is a screen shot of the "root" of the website. This is what you should see or something like this when you load the CD-ROM and look at the files. As you can see, it is folders and web pages. Click on any of the web pages.

Note: AOL and CompuServe users may need to run the cd-rom from a plain internet browser and not from the browser supplied by AOL or CompuServe.

AUTOPLAY: If a program such as iTunes tries to open the CD-ROM, it will not succeed and it might say the CD-ROM is blank, but it is not blank, it simply is not meant to be opened with iTunes. Use Method 1) to open the index page of the YoungMinds website.

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