CucinaPro Stainless Electric Skillet

More specifically: CucinaPro 1453 Stainless Steel Round Classic Electric Skillet – [ ] and the skillet at amazon –  CucinaPro 1453 Stainless Steel Round Classic Electric Skillet 12 Inch.

The stainless steel electric skillet is an appliance that I will always replace and this CucinaPro skillet is one that I purchased last year to replace a different electric skillet that had died. Sometimes it is difficult to find a stainless steel electric skillet; it’s easier to find a coated skillet and I don’t use those.

But this isn’t about how hard it is to find a stainless steel electric skillet. This is about the company CucinaPro. The skillet is equipped with some very nice rubber feet. The feet keep the skillet in one spot or rather, the feet keeps the skillet from scooting. Well- I melted two of the feet on my skillet because I set it on the stove and turned on the stove instead of the skillet. This wasn’t a good thing to do, obviously. The melted feet left sticky marks anywhere I placed the skillet after that. I duct-taped the two feet, but that just made two slippery feet. I knew that I needed to replace the feet and so I visited the company’s website where I found no order form to buy parts. Contact information is on the website and I used their email to ask for an order form so that I could purchase another set of feet.

Within days, instead of an order form, I received two feet in the mail. I want to publicly thank the company CucinaPro, located in Cleveland Ohio, for such good service.


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    that is wonderful! I love it when a company goes above and beyond. I miss my electric skillet. I didn’t know you could even get stainless steel skillets. Very nice!