Ruled President Paper

I’m working in the handwriting > paper section of DY and I test printed a file to get the rule height. Well, it printed black. That is really a terrible thing for me to see. That last thing that I want to do is to waste your ink.

This ‘black background” on the pdf’s showed its head a few months ago on some of the handwriting files. I fixed those. I do not know why some files print with a black background, but some of my very old files do that now. I will be going through all of my old files and fix them if I can. Some might end up being different, but that might be okay.

Back to the handwriting paper. I’m working at the history related filler paper – this page – Handwriting > Paper > Filler > History Themes

I’m going to remake all of the files and they will look different. I might not offer the same sort of file – we’ll see. The ones that I am making right now will have two versions – one that is not numbered and one that is numbered in the left margin.

For now I am remaking the presidents and currently among the defective pdf’s, there are only two presidents. I’m going to try to get all of them up there, but this might end up being based on interest because I have a lot to do rather than make files that no one needs.

Below is a list of the US Presidents and a note of which ones that I have used on the new paper file. As you see here I’ve done a few at the top of the list. I’m going to skip down and do a few more.

George Washington done
John Adams done
Thomas Jefferson done
James Madison done
James Monroe done
John Quincy Adams done
Andrew Jackson done
Martin Van Buren done
William Henry Harrison done
John Tyler done
James K. Polk done
Zachary Taylor done
Millard Fillmore done
Franklin Pierce done
James Buchanan done
Abraham Lincoln done
Andrew Johnson done
Ulysses S. Grant done
Rutherford B. Hayes done
James A. Garfield done
Chester A. Arthur done
Grover Cleveland done
Benjamin Harrison done
Grover Cleveland done
William McKinley done
Theodore Roosevelt done
William Howard Taft done
Woodrow Wilson done
Warren G. Harding done
Calvin Coolidge done
Herbert Hoover done
Franklin D. Roosevelt done
Harry S. Truman done
Dwight D. Eisenhower done
John F. Kennedy done
Lyndon B. Johnson done
Richard Nixon done
Gerald Ford done
Jimmy Carter done
Ronald Reagan done
George H. W. Bush done
Bill Clinton done
George W. Bush done
Barack Obama done

Of the names I like the name “Calvin Coolidge” best. It’s just, I don’t know, catchy.

Oh yes, as of this moment in time, none of these new files are uploaded yet.

Little while later

Edit: What’s eighty-something new files? Nothing to me. All of the president files are made, uploaded, and linked. And I suppose I will move this blog post over to the what’s new section.

Side-note: I removed the bad-printing old files that were on the page.


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    NICE!! I like the older names. The name Bill Clinton, George Bush, Jimmy Carter, etc. are so lacking. LOL