Grades and Attendance II Video

Below is a silent video on setting up G&A II. I apologize that it is silent, but I didn’t have time for a non-silent video. It is probably best viewed in full screen. Give it a few seconds to become sharp enough to see.

Grading Sheets and Grade Averages

At around 5 minutes the grading sheets are shown. Setting those up is easy, the only part that I might point out is the “incomplete score average” of any quarter will not be reflected in the overall grade average. Overall grade averages will show an estimated grade average when there are incomplete score averages. An incomplete score average occurs for any of the quarters when a class does not have at least one score in each grading column in the quarter’s span of grading cells. The quarters are marked in the far left column. Once there is at least one score in each weighted grading column per class, the overall grade average will be correct.

The file shown in this video is available from Donna Young at

The file was made with Microsoft Excel 2007 and to use it you must have a compatible spreadsheet program.