Mitered Quilt Borders


There are several ways to miter quilt borders. Getting the miter right is important. A miter that is off will result in either a tight corner that cups or a corner that is wavy. For this big wall … [Read more...]

The Quilt Border


This border layout is close to the first one that I tried last year. I could write about why I chose this border layout over the second one, but I really don't want to. I will just show a photograph … [Read more...]

Back to the Quilt


For me, it is time to work on a quilt again. I have a 7 day opening to work on it. The problem that I had last year with the border being crooked is what I am tackling today. It's not just the … [Read more...]

Mend a Towel


Last weekend, my son was in town for something to do with Civil Air Patrol. I asked him to bring his laundry so I could clean it. He normally does this himself, but I do not mind giving him a break … [Read more...]

Border for Quilt

quilt border

Part 5 of the quilt is done. Now it is time to decide what fabrics to use in the border. I have tentatively chosen some, I only hope there is enough yardage of each. On another note, John stopped by … [Read more...]

The Quilt So Far


I am still not finished with the quilt. I was interrupted in my work numerous times on Monday, you know how that is, and I have not picked it up again. I am anxious to get back to work on it, but … [Read more...]