Work on V Planner V3


I am starting work on the V Planner V3 file today and if there is anything that you would like to see included, now is the time to request it. V3 will be based on the High School V Planner with some … [Read more...]

404 Search Box


Yesterday I went on a fix finding tour of things that did not quite work here at DY. First, I fixed this blog. The blog had several mysterious problems - 1. It had been loading slower than … [Read more...]

Fixed Width or Fluid Width


Using fixed width pages or fluid pages, that is one thing every web site designer has to decide. For reference, this page is fixed width and most of is fluid. Fluid pages fill the … [Read more...]



I despise being hacked, but I learned something new today - static files can be hacked. I did not know that and I did not appreciate the lesson. I do not know how they did it. It took hours to … [Read more...] Not Found

Donna's Homemade Santa was out this morning and some yesterday. It's my fault, I let the domain name expire and it wasn't there to be found. I fixed it, is now registered for 10 years. Two … [Read more...]