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Experiment 3.2

My son used Exploring Creation with Physical Science during his 8th grade year (2000-2001) and we all enjoyed the experiments from that book. Recently I went through some old photographs and came across the pictures from experiment 3.2..

In my first set of lesson plans for ex. 3.2, I recommended that you fill two 2-liter bottles with water and freeze them. Someone ask me why years ago and the reason is the extra ice helps keep the water cold for as long as you need for the experiment.

Then We Did the Experiment Backwards

After successfully doing the experiment correctly, we did it backwards. We placed the bottle in hot water and then we put the balloon on the bottle. We submerged the bottle in the icy cold water and the balloon was pulled into the bottle.

experiment 3.2

Then we submerged the bottle in the very hot tap water and the balloon popped out of the bottle.

experiment 3.2

This seemed fun to us, so we put it back in the cold water to watch the balloon go back into the bottle, then into the hot water to see it pop out. We did that several times.

Donna Young
February 15th, 2008

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